All about Hail Repair

When your vehicle is struck by hail in a storm, it’s your first instinct to get it fixed. We understand! It’s a very tough thing to be faced with how much damage is done to your vehicle. We’re here to help! We have a quick check list for you below. Make sure you are aware of these five tips before doing anything!



5 Things to Know Before You Do ANYTHING!

1. Your Insurance most likely covers ALL of the damage and repairs needed

2. Choose your repair method wisely. This step is CRITICAL to preserving the value of your vehicle. Doing this part wrong can end up costing you many 1000’s of dollars down the road.

3. PDR or Conventional? In most cases you never need to send your vehicle to a body shop to be repainted. In very rare cases, where severe hail has damaged or cracked the paint, this may be needed.

4. If you choose PDR, not ALL technicians are the same. Choose a certified technician who has many years of experience for best results

5. PDR also means being without your vehicle for less time. In many cases it only takes days, not weeks for your vehicle to look like new again.